karaoke on partyBoogie Night Discos can also provide you with a great evening’s karaoke

There is nothing better than belting out a great song when your enjoying yourself at a party and even better if you do it with friends.

We can provide up to three microphones and stands for your convenience and monitor’s to read the words from.

Boogie Nights discos have all the latest hits on karaoke and if we havent got it, then it aint worth singing!!!!!!

perhaps you would like to intergrate karaoke into your party and mix it up with a disco and karaoke.

start the evening off with some good music tunes and then once every one is in the mood put on the karaoke and

then laugh (sorry admire) your mates best efforts at topping the charts.

If you would like to add karaoke to your event, please inform us at time of booking as there is a small extra charge for

equipment and setting up.